Yuga Labs hires former Epic Games executive as CTO
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Yuga Labs hires former Epic Games executive as CTO

Yuga Labs has hired Mike Seavers as chief technology officer (CTO). Seavers brings with him several years of experience in the technology industry, including previous roles as a senior executive at both Riot Games and Epic Games.

Seavers’ appointment as CTO of Yuga Labs represents the company’s continued focus on expanding its technical capabilities and advancing its mission to build innovative blockchain solutions. In his new role, Seavers will be responsible for overseeing the development of Yuga Labs’ blockchain infrastructure, as well as leading the company’s efforts to explore new opportunities in the rapidly evolving crypto-industry.

As a reminder, a few months earlier, Yuga appointed a new CEO, Daniel Alegre.

Alegre was then the COO and president of a global video game giant, Activision Blizzard – a publisher whose takeover by Microsoft is frozen following the appeal of the British regulator. At the Consensus conference, Alegre outlines the ambition of Yuga Labs.

I want Yuga to be the gateway to Web3,” he says. To achieve this, the player must position itself at the crossroads of change.

Transformation is going to happen. It’s obviously happening in art, in digital consumption and obviously in games, but it’s going to spread to many different industries,” the CEO believes.

Mike Seavers agreed with Daniel Alegre’s words, talking about a “new era” offered by Web3. He said that throughout his career, there have been few times when he has felt that a new technology was creating a real paradigm shift for the world. He recognized Web3 as one of those moments, and said he is absolutely thrilled to be joining Yuga Labs to help usher in a new era of the Internet that will have a positive impact on the world.

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