When the world of blockchain gaming marries up with Web3 neobank Hi
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When blockchain gaming marries up with Web3 neobank Hi

Animoca Brands is investing $30 million in Hi, an Estonian Web3 neobank offering a complete ecosystem of crypto services, including an NFT payment card. A strategic alliance that promises to redefine the Web3 ecosystem.

In the magical world of blockchain, an unexpected marriage was about to take place. Animoca Brands, the blockchain gaming giant, had decided to join forces with Hi, a fascinating “Web3 neobank”, to forge closer links between their respective worlds.

It was an announcement that shook the digital world: Animoca Brands planned to invest an impressive $30 million in Hi, and this was just the beginning of an epic adventure.

For the ongoing development of Hi!

Hi presented itself as an innovative “Web3 neobank“, offering a mobile application full of promise. Here, users could immerse themselves in the world of crypto-currencies, buying, exchanging and saving their tokens with ease. But that wasn’t all: Hi had even more tricks up its sleeve.

Thanks to a strategic alliance with Mastercard, Hi had created a unique payment card. Users could personalize their card with NFTs, giving a unique touch to their transactions.

Animoca Brands, meanwhile, was intrigued by the endless possibilities offered by Hi. This union promised to revolutionize the Web3 ecosystem, making the worlds of gaming and decentralized finance powerful allies.

“Through this alliance, we will collaborate with Hi on the continued development of the Hi application and protocol to positively impact the wider Web3 ecosystem,” exclaimed Yat Siu, co-founder of Animoca Brands, enthusiastically.

The adventure didn’t end there. The two partners had even bolder projects in mind. They planned to create a “one-human” authentication mechanism based on hiP’s Proof of Human Identity (PoHI) solution, a layer2 Ethereum launched by the startup.

This fusion of ideas and technologies would push back the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the Web3 ecosystem. Hi already held crypto registrations in Estonia and Italy, but had no intention of stopping there. A license in Hong Kong was now coveted, with the ultimate aim of launching an exchange in this booming city-state.

Thus, the tale of this extraordinary alliance between Animoca Brands and Hi was written more and more each day, promising to fascinate the digital world with infinite possibilities.

End of story… but a new chapter was already opening, full of challenges and successes to come.

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