What Is Alfprotocol And How To Invest In Before Everyone Else?

When it comes to Alfprotocol, you certainly have heard about an up to 200x leveraged yield farming, but also a liquidity pool without the risk of impermanent loss. Compared with its main competitor Ethereum, people are interested in Aflprotocol because it has lower fees, higher transaction speed, lower power requirements, and higher growth capacity.

What is Alfprotocol?

Alfprotocol is a 3 in 1 decentralized solana application that aims to be the Solana DeFi homepage :

  • Alfprotocol is a Solana native automated market maker (AMM) ;
  • Alfprotocol is a decentralized lending protocol ;
  • Alfprotocol is a liquidity providing protocol up to 200x leverage.

There are three main advantages when joining Alfprotocol :

  • Users will have an all-in-one place, as Alfprotocol aims to be the homepage of Solana DeFi ;
  • The risk-seeking investors will be able to use higher leverage up to 200x for liquidity provision ;
  • The whole team work on the protocol is made transparent thanks to regular updates on the development status, all the provided educational material, etc.

Who are envolved in Alfprotocol ?

  • The team is composed by : Matas Sauciunas (CEO), Gintautas Kisonas (CTO), Ugne Kereisyte (Head of Marketing), Artsiom Misjukevich (Growth Manager), Mantas Grubliauskas (Head of Communication) ;
  • There is a direct partnership with : Pixelplex.io (Research & Development), Byzantine.solutions (Advisory)
  • The backers of the project are : Zen Capital, Scorpio VC, DIB Ventures, Dust Ventures, SRT Ventures, Alpha Hunt.

The roadmap of Alfprotocol is detailed as follow :

  • Q4 2021 : Collaboration with Solana foundation , Worldwide marketing and brand awareness
  • Q1 2022 : Double asset reward fusion pools, Leveraged Yield farming, Alf Lending launch, Public IDO, DEX, CEX listing
  • Q2 2022 : DAO governance, Alf Money Markets launch, Magnified leverage
  • Q3 2022 : Institutional lenders collaborations, Trading strategies dashboard, AlfMM Arbitrary Curves
  • Q4 2022 : Interchain implementation, Options hedge strategy, 500M TVL milestone

How To Invest In Alfprotocol Pre-IDO Before Everyone Else?

Although Alfprotocol is still at its early stage of development, we know that the protocol will be launched in late Q3 of 2022, and it’s possible to enter as an early investor from these two entry points :

  • The public IDO scheduled to be held in Q2 of 2022 ;
  • The current Pre-IDO Round already available on their website.

A total of 2 percent of the token supply (200,000,000 Tokens) will be created during this Pre-IDO offering and sold at $0.004 per token. Alternatively, users can send them an email via invest@alfprotocol.com with the headline « Pre-IDO round ». A dedicated person will reply and help with the allocation process.

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