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Voyager : Withdrawals for transactions are opened?

 Voyager opens withdrawals for transactions submitted before the transaction suspension

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Voyager Digital sent an email to customers announcing that withdrawals processed prior to the exchange suspension are now being processed. 

Holding $1.3 billion in crypto assets 

The exchange suspended deposits, withdrawals, exchanges and rewards on June 30, and the company has issued few communications since then.

On July 3, the exchange posted a thread on Twitter confirming the value of its assets and appeasing them with assurances that Voyager is doing its best to resolve the issue. Voyager confirmed that it holds $1.3 billion in crypto assets and $35 in cash in the bank. 

It is also “pursuing a range of strategic alternatives” to “best serve our customers over the long term.”

In an email sent Monday, Voyager gave customers hope by stating that it was in the process of completing withdrawals submitted before the “temporary suspension.” All funds requested before the suspension are now undergoing “routine procedures, including security and anti-fraud review, and processing by our banking partner.”

This is very positive news for investors who hope to regain access to their funds. Celsius customers have been unable to retrieve funds for several weeks, while Voyager suspended withdrawals less than a week ago. While the news does not mean that all users can access their funds, it does show progress. There is currently no word on when or if other customers will be able to withdraw funds.

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