Uniswap DEX now deployed on BNB Chain
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Uniswap DEX now deployed on BNB Chain

On Wednesday, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform Uniswap Uniswap announced that V3 of its platform is now live on BNB Chain.

Like Polygon and Arbitrum, BNB generally offers faster and cheaper transactions than the Ethereum mainnet – making Uniswap accessible to a wider audience,” DEX tweeted.

Earlier this year, the proposal to deploy Uniswap on the blockchain network launched by Binance had passed an initial “temperature check.” The governance vote had then been subject to tensions. a16z, one of the largest holders of UNI, did not want the Whormole bridge. However, the proposal was eventually approved by a majority.

This new deployment for Uniswap means that its users will be able to take full advantage of Binance’s BNB Chain for fast, low-cost transactions while trying out the ability to swap tokens across the network.

It is also an opportunity for Uniswap to access a new pool of liquidity with the community of developers who are part of decentralized projects on the BNB Chain while being able to promote the usefulness of DeFi to investors at institutions like Binance with the potential to reach over 1-2 million new individuals.

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