U.S. Crypto Horizon Darkens : Bitstamp Says Goodbye to Certain Tokens
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U.S. Crypto Horizon Darkens : Bitstamp Says Goodbye to Certain Tokens

Immerse yourself in the compelling story of Bitstamp, the Luxembourg cryptocurrency company, as it takes steps to comply with US regulatory uncertainty. Find out how the de-listing of tokens such as SOL, MATIC and others fits into the web of SEC lawsuits, as Bitstamp shapes its future.

The tumultuous winds of US regulation have reached the shores of Bitstamp, Luxembourg’s cryptocurrency haven. Like a vigilant sentinel, the platform has taken a bold decision to navigate through the murky waters of regulatory uncertainty. It has announced that it will bid farewell to some beloved tokens, marking a new chapter in cryptocurrency history.

On August 29, Bitstamp’s US customers will wake up to a different landscape. The AXS, CHZ, MANA, MATIC, NEAR, SAND and SOL tokens will quietly retire from the scene. A silent dance of de-listing, orchestrated by Bitstamp, in response to the recent waves of regulation that have rocked the crypto world in the USA.

Bitstamp continues to sculpt its destiny!

Bitstamp, with its Luxembourg roots, is dedicated to regulatory compliance. Its actions are the result of careful consideration of the shifting regulatory environment.

“At Bitstamp, we have put in place a comprehensive framework to continuously assess the cryptos we provide,” she expressed in a statement imbued with determination.

The delisting is not a final farewell. American traders will still have the privilege of keeping these precious tokens in their Bitstamp wallets. A final bow to faithful companions on their journey into the world of cryptos.

This decision resonates with an echo of lawsuits. The shadows of the SEC stretch across the American crypto landscape, enveloping Coinbase, Binance and now Bitstamp in their regulatory web. The SEC’s complaint, tinged with qualifiers such as “financial securities”, has sent shockwaves through the industry.

Bitstamp is not alone in this delicate dance. Its counterpart eToro has also withdrawn MATIC, ALGO, MANA and DASH from its US palette, announcing a similar move last June.

Yet, amidst the regulatory turmoil, Bitstamp continues to carve out its own destiny. Words of its ambition resonate, announcing a fundraising round and plans for new products in Europe in 2024.

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