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Our offer and services(See below users from google analytics)

Press release

It is a content written by you with your featured image(Suggestion size : 1200/600) for $100

Animated Banners :

Ads on the top of home page only, Square banners on home page only for $225

Animated banners square on each article page 350×350 for $300 per month

Guest post :

A guest post is an article written by a blogger or an expert on a cryptocurrency, blockchain, metaverse or NFT project and published on the blog or on a third party website such as $125

Sponsored article

  • Put your token or projects on our TOP list of best (Brand integration) for $100
  • Send us your pre-written sponsored article like How to, interviews, storytelling, etc for $200

Package offers

  • Press release : 5articles for $500; 10articles for $900
  • Sponsored articles : 5articles for $900/ 10 articles for $1600

Unlimited RSS Mirror

As its name suggests, this offer will allow you to share all your RSS articles on our site for one year for $12,500.

Dossier of 100 articles

The dossier of 100 articles folder is a “structured set of information, allowing you to make the tour of your crypto projects, and to have accurate and factual information on this subject”. The number of articles you can provide is 100 for $5,000

100 articles in which you will share every detail, every update, and everything that fans and interested parties of your token or NFT or metaverse project or whatever need to know.

N.B : All of our customers posts will be also live on our medium, flipboard, digg, facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Telegram.


We are conscient that more and more people are interested in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, the metaverse and NFTs.
However, there are already several sites that share all the news on the subject. We noticed that it is often a bit complicated, even difficult to retain the interesting and important news.
Trending Crypto News’s mission consists then in focusing only on the latest news and trends. In addition, there will be special features for cryptocurrency hotspots that our readers and visitors should understand and not miss any event.
For example, Ethereum Merge is currently a trending topic. You will find on the site a special and complete file about this merge of the ethereum blockchain.

Trending Crypto news visitors and general information

Trending crypto news is the best crypto magazine which aims to deliver and focus only on the latest news and trends about bitcoin, altcoins, exchanges, metaverse and NFT.

The team consists of one developer and three journalists who are passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Having been in the crypto industry since 2016, each member works hard and contributes together to bring you the most important news with much more details so that you don’t miss anything about the crypto industry.
The team seeks to give pros and beginners alike the opportunity to fully understand blockchain, cryptos, the metaverse and NFTs in order to understand how these technologies could become part of our daily activities and eventually become a major growth factor one day.

Trending crypto news reached 5200 users in July versus 6158 in August. The team is working hard everyday to reach more especially in english-speaking countries and more from Asia and the UAE.

Our google analytics of July : Users, countries and behaviors

Our users are mainly males between 25-34.

Customer satisfaction is a team effort. We aim to succeed and progress in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, each member of the Trending Crypto news is always worthy of your trust.


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