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Top #1 trending crypto news – Today August 18

Since we’ve been watching over the blockchain world today, we come to deliver you the most trending crypto news. Indeed, this report includes : bitcoin news, crypto news, metaverse news, NFT news, DeFi news, etc.

Trending Crypto News Daily : bitcoin news, metaverse news, NFT news, DeFi news

Google, Blackrock, and Morgan Stanley become the 3 biggest investors in the Blockchain | #1 Trending Crypto News

A report from Blockdata says 40 firms have invested about $6 billion into blockchain companies between September 2021 and June 2022. In addition, they give some precisions :

The investors active in the biggest funding rounds are Alphabet ($1,506M in four rounds), Blackrock ($1,171M in three rounds), Morgan Stanley ($1,10M in two rounds), Samsung ($979M in 13 rounds), Goldman Sachs ($698M in five rounds, BNY Mellon ($690M in three rounds), and PayPal ($650M in four rounds).

Therefore, the following infographics gives additional informations about the other companies highly nvolved in the industry :

Trending Crypto News : Blackrock, Google, Morgan Stanley, Samsung, Goldman Sachs, Paypal, Microsoft are all investing in blockchain and crypto industry.

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