TON blockchain launches into data storage and sharing
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TON blockchain launches into data storage and sharing

The TON Foundation has unveiled a decentralized file storage and sharing solution. “TON Storage” will offer financial incentives in Toncoin.

Indeed, the TON Foundation has announced the long-awaited launch of TON Storage, a decentralized file sharing and data storage solution that is expected to solve many of the problems posed by the sheer volume of data that our modern lifestyles require.

TON Storage is similar to peer-to-peer file sharing via “torrents”, but uses the TON (The Open Network) blockchain to transfer data via a decentralized, secure and private computer network. Thus, users will be able to exchange files of any size freely and securely, with all data automatically backed up and encrypted.

In traditional torrents, there is no guarantee of storage, a file only exists if there is at least one node storing it […] TON Storage is revolutionary, in part because it can guarantee storage virtually for life. TON Storage will use financial incentives using smart contracts on the blockchain, the foundation explained in a statement.

Operators of nodes in the network will receive payments in Toncoin, the project’s native token, for hosting files. We also learn that TON Storage is combined with its services TON Sites and TON DNS.

The launch of TON Storage is long overdue; the technology can be used by both individual users and services with a large audience. Providing a reliable distributed storage solution is the next step in realizing our vision of a decentralized and open Internet,” commented Anatoly Makosov, founding member of the TON Foundation.

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