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Tommy Hilfiger files its trademark for the metaverse

Tommy Hilfiger also targets “creating an online community for digital assets, non-fungible tokens and metaverses and online worlds

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The famous fashion company Tommy Hilfiger has filed its trademark with the USPTO so that it can live in the metaverse with various functions.

Fashion shows in the metaverse

In March, the first Metaverse Fashion Week organized by Decentraland was held in the metaverse, which shows that the world of clothing and brands does not want to lose its space in the virtual universe. During this first fashion show, the famous brand Tommy Hilfiger was also present.

The presentation was a digital platform where physical items, but also NFT to dress his avatars in Tommy Hilfiger, were sold.

A partnership with Boson Protocol, a company specialized in online transactions, allowed the exchange of digital assets for products, services and physical experiences. Tommy Hilfiger himself praised the opportunity to engage with “customer communities” in a “compelling” way.

The Metaverse Fashion Week presented nearly 50 luxury brands in a digitalized version. New collections, as well as concerts, lectures, after parties and film installations are on the program.

For Tommy Hilfiger, it was one more step in its great march towards digital communication.

A brand for the metaverse

A great journey that was followed by another step always in the metaverse. Indeed, Tommy Hilfiger filed its trademark for the metaverse on June 27 with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the USPTO, in order to operate :

  • Virtual clothing, shoes and hairstyles.
  • Virtual merchandise stores
  • NFT-supported marketplaces for digital goods
  • NFT + Metaverse Communities
  • Uspto Registration

As seen in registration 97476922, in addition to clothing and footwear, it also includes perfumes, personal care products, eyeglasses, jewelry, watches, handbags, household products and furniture for use online and in online virtual worlds.

It also targets “creating an online community for digital assets, non-fungible tokens and metaverses and online worlds; hosting an online community website with digital assets, non-fungible tokens and metaverses and online worlds,” among other proposals, including animated and non-animated digital characters, avatars, overlays and masks.

Trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis tweeted about it, recounting his various posts:

TOMMY HILFIGER has filed a trademark for TOMMY claiming plans for:
▶️ Virtual clothing, footwear, headwear
▶️ Stores featuring virtual merchandise
▶️ Marketplaces for NFT-backed digital goods
▶️ NFT + Metaverse “communities”#NFT #Metaverse #Web3 #TommyHilfiger #Teamtommy

— Mike Kondoudis (@KondoudisLaw) July 1, 2022

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