The group l'Équipe launches a collection of NFT around the Ballon d'Or
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The group l’Équipe to launch a collection of NFT around the Ballon d’Or

The ceremony that rewards the best footballer of the year will launch a collection of 2022 NFT to develop the Ballon d’Or brand on the Web3. Future winners will also receive a digital duplicate of their trophies in NFT.

The award ceremony for the best soccer players was created in 1956 by France Football and is now broadcast in more than 200 countries. On Thursday, L’Équipe unveiled an NFT initiative. The famous sports daily will offer tokens for sale that provide certain benefits during the Ballon d’Or.

Owners of some of these digital files will get tickets to attend the prestigious ceremony, usually closed to the public.

3 NFT on auction soon

On September 15, l’équipe will kick off with its first “True Pyrite” sale, which will allow the purchase of 3 NFTs at auction offering access to the ceremony organized on October 17. The tokens will be mined on the Tezos blockchain, selected for its low energy consumption, and are inspired by pyrite, the mineral that forms the basis of the Ballon d’Or award.

A week after the ceremony, on October 23, l’équipe will open “Fragments of Pyrite”, a second sale of 2022 NFT offered at a lower price: 249 euros (199 euros in presale). The tokens will offer various advantages such as the possibility to attend the Ballon d’Or for 20 years (1 NFT only), get exclusive Sorare cards or receive information in advance.

We also learn that the five winners (Ballon d’Or for men, Ballon d’Or for women, Kopa Trophy, Yachin Trophy, Gerd Müller Trophy) will receive the digital double of their trophy in NFT.

A part of the profits will be donated to the Fondation l’Équipe whose mission is to allow people in difficulty to blossom and enrich themselves through sports culture, its practice and its values.

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