Tezos: the new and eleventh update was activated on Friday, September 23
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Tezos : the new and eleventh update was activated on Friday, September 23

The co-founder of Tezos explained the new update of the Tezos blockchain that was activated on Friday, September 23. The Tezos blockchain has been updated through the activation of Kathmandu.

Tezos to gain in scalability

This last update of Tezos was proposed in July and aims in particular to gain in scalability. It was activated on Friday, September 23 at block number 2.736.129.

According to the proposal filed last July, this upgrade embeds Optimistic rollups, the recording of events in Michelson smart contracts or an increase in the paid storage of a smart contract.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Kathleen Breitman, co-founder of the Tezos blockchain said that the Tezos blockchain does not require a hard fork, unlike other projects such as Ethereum, which has just completed its merger.

In this interview, Breitmann explains, among other things, the differences between the Tezos blockchain update, called Kathmandu and recent updates like The Merge on the Ethereum blockchain. According to her, the very architecture of the Tezos blockchain was designed to offer transparent updates without resorting to a hard fork. A point of view that she develops with the following terms:

With Tezos, the reason it has been able to upgrade 10 times in a largely transparent way is because, fundamentally, the blockchain was founded with the idea of upgrades (…) So there is a formal mechanism that makes this process quite simple and quite transparent.

According to the co-founder, this simplicity would result from her specific approach to innovation. An approach that consists in producing updates “piecemeal” to avoid too deep changes.

Regarding The Merge, Tezos was already ahead of the game. Indeed, the objective of the merger was to move from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, especially to address environmental issues. Tezos does not have this problem since it is one of the least energy consuming blockchains on the market.

To sum up, the aim is to encourage application creators to use rollups for their development before activation on the mainnet. For Nomadic Labs, the new generation of optimistic rollups represents a real breakthrough for Tezos and its ecosystem.

These next-generation optimistic rollups are not just about smart contracts. They provide a platform to run any type of software, including Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) emulation, and make all calculations verifiable on the Tezos blockchain. This is a game changer for the operation of Tezos.”

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