Stax: Ledger unveils new crypto-wallet
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Stax : Ledger unveils new crypto-wallet

Ledger has just introduced Stax the crypto wallet that has a large touchscreen and is positioned as the top of the line of the French manufacturer.

This Tuesday, during the Ledger Op3n event in Paris, the French unicorn Ledger unveiled its Stax hardware wallet designed in partnership with American engineer Tony Fadell, one of the former Apple figures often referred to as the “father of the iPod.”

Ledger Stax implements a larger screen directly driven by the Ledger operating system in the secure element. Increasing the size of the screen makes it easier for you, the user, to understand all your transactions, to understand all your interactions with the blockchain,” said Charles Guillemet, Ledger’s CTO on stage.

Ledger Stax thus allows to display more information on transactions but also to view NFTs. The wallet, which includes Bluetooth functionality, gets its name from the fact that these new products can be stacked on top of each other using magnets. It takes the size of a credit card (85 mm × 54 mm × 6mm) unlike previous models, which looked more like a USB stick, and weighs 45 grams.

According to Charles Guillemet, Stax is “the most secure solution in the ecosystem. It is the top of the range from Ledger. The physical wallet is indeed offered for pre-order at 279 euros, which is a much higher price than the Nano S Plus and Nano X models, for an availability during the first quarter of 2023.

After immersing myself in Ledger’s proven security technology, and testing all the physical wallets currently on the market, I decided to create a next-generation device with Pascal, Ian and the amazing teams at Ledger. We need a system that is not just easy to use… We absolutely need a tool that truly supports users, allowing everyone, not just geeks, to take control of the security of their digital assets,” commented Tony Fadell, designer of the Ledger Stax, in a statement.

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