Sports Illustrated launches NFT ticketing platform on Polygon
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Sports Illustrated launches NFT ticketing platform on Polygon

Sports Illustrated, the famous American sports magazine, announced the launch of its NFT ticketing platform in partnership with ConsenSys. The platform will allow fans to purchase and redeem non-fungible tokens (NFT) as event tickets.

This platform aims to provide augmented tickets or Super Tickets for organizers and buyers. In addition, it wants to allow event organizers to issue NFTs on the Flow blockchain. Sports Illustrated, a magazine, but also the owner of SI Tickets, has thus chosen Ethereum and Polygon.

According to Sports Illustrated, the NFT ticketing platform is part of the magazine’s broader strategy to explore innovative ways to engage with its audience.

“We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to connect with our readers and provide them with unique experiences. With the launch of our NFT ticketing platform, we are taking another step toward achieving this goal,” they said.

Sports illustrated, Box Office

Indeed, the product is presented as a self-service event management and ticketing solution for primary (1st issue, as distinguished from secondary).

Box Office proposes to the organizers to issue ‘Super Tickets‘, NFT associated with specific rights. However, the aim is not to replace traditional tickets, but to complement them.

Super Ticket is a NFT ticketing solution designed to provide additional services to buyers, such as collectibles, exclusive offers and other benefits.

“The solution unlocks engagement opportunities between organizers and attendees before, during and after events,” SI Tickets and ConsenSys point out in a press release. The ticketing marketplace intends to disrupt the primary market.

For Polygon Labs’ Brian Trunzo, blockchain in ticketing also has advantages in securing payments, while “eliminating hawking and fraud.”

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