Solana blockchain experiences another outage
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Solana blockchain experiences another outage, the 4th of the year

The blockchain Solana experienced new difficulties and stopped last night. The network has experienced several outages this year including this one the 4th.

This is not the first time that Solana has experienced problems and sometimes has to stop its blockchain. Last January, the network had experienced a slowdown and significant congestion due to numerous transactions. As a result, thousands of transactions did not pass anymore, causing the irritation of many users.

On June 1st, a problem of non-synchronization between the different validators was detected. This generated different results for the same block and forced the blockchain to stop. The network was then stopped for several hours.

As a reminder, Solana is a programmable blockchain that strives to perform high-speed transactions without losing its main characteristic, decentralization. The network uses a new mechanism called “Proof of History”. SOL, the blockchain’s native token, is used for transaction fees and can also be pledged. Solana is a direct competitor to the Ethereum network.

The blockchain had a rough night, as it stopped processing transactions for more than 6 hours.

Last night around 3am on Twitter, Solana said that its network was down and no longer processing transactions, saying that developers in its ecosystem were trying to diagnose the problem.

Finally, around 9 a.m. this morning, the network restarted. “Operators and DApps will continue to restore customer services over the next few hours,” Solana reported, without detailing the outage.

The problem appeared to come from a misconfigured node causing an unrecoverable partition in the network, according to Stakewiz, a Solana validator.

One validator was running a duplicate validator instance. That means that when it was their turn to produce a block, they produced one from each instance, for the same slot, so some validators saw that block and others saw the others. They couldn’t agree on which one was correct,” the validator explained.

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