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Robert Kiyosaki: Now is the time to get into crypto, the biggest economic crash is coming

We’ve heard Robert Kiyosaki talk about personal finance many times and his landmark book Rich Dad, Poor Dad has sold millions and remains in the top 10 best sellers and best books on personal finance to this day. The famous author says that now is the time to buy cryptos. He even urged investors to get into crypto now, predicting that the biggest economic crash in world history is coming.

Robert Kiyosaki, bear markets are the best time for investors to get rich

Investors are headed for a catastrophic market collapse and should buy cryptos before they usurp the U.S. greenback and transform the entire financial system, Robert Kiyosaki told his followers in an email Sunday.

“I predict that the furthermore great crash in the history of the world is coming,” the author told subscribers of the Abundant Dad Community mailing list.

While the famous author warned of a long recession, he stressed that bear markets are the best time for investors to get rich because everything will be on sale. His advice echoes his July tweet, in which he stated that his favorite four-letter word is “sale.” The famed author explained that asset prices are plummeting and that he is in a “cash position waiting to pick up the bargains, especially in real estate and bitcoin.”

Robert Kiyosaki also warned that the U.S. dollar is collapsing, leading to mainstream acceptance of cryptos that are not controlled by governments. Noting that the Federal Reserve and the Treasury are destroying the U.S. dollar, he repeatedly said he doesn’t trust the government, President Joe Biden, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve and Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. He also does not trust Wall Street.

Robert Kiyosaki pointed out:

It’s not enough to WANT to get into crypto… It’s now that you MUST get into crypto, before the biggest economic crash in history.

Kiyosaki has also frequently shared his predictions and investment advice on Twitter.

He tweeted Tuesday that :

It’s “time for investing.” “To the poor to get rich,” adding that stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and real estate are collapsing. He noted that the middle class is being wiped out as he predicted. His latest tweet resembles another tweet he made in August when he warned that all markets were crashing. At the time, he also listed the silver and bitcoin markets among those expected to collapse.

Kiyosaki recommends Bitcoin

Kiyosaki has been recommending bitcoin to investors for some time, stating for several months that he has been waiting for the crypto-currency’s price to bottom out before entering it. After revealing that he was waiting for BTC to test $1,100, he said in July that he was in a cash position waiting to buy the cryptocurrency.

In addition to BTC the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad recommended gold and silver. He also said in August that he changed his mind about buying 2-year U.S. Treasuries after listening to economist Harry Dent. “I don’t invest in things the Fed or Wall Street prints. It’s time to open my mind,” he conceded.

On Tuesday, he tweeted:

Money is moving sideways. Silver will stay at $20 for 3-5 years, then climb to $100-500. Everyone can afford money, even the poor. Accumulate money now. Kiyosaki previously called silver the best investment value today.

In another tweet on May 12, Kiyosaki explained why crashes are good for anyone who wants to get rich: “BITCOIN FALLING. Good news. As stated in previous Tweets, I’m waiting for bitcoin to crash at 20k. I will then wait for the bottom test which could be $17k Once I know the bottom is reached, I will pull the truck up. Crashes are the best times to get rich. Take care of yourself.”

Long before his tweets on the 12th and 13th, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad had published an initial tweet on May 11, which was deliberately provocative and even tinged with invective: “Q: Why is BITCOIN going to win? A: BITCOIN will win because America is run by the 3 idiots. […] I trust BITCOIN, not the 3 Idiots.”

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