Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Bitcoin dream for his children and the country
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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Bitcoin dream for his children

Find out how Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has pinned his hopes on Bitcoin by giving 2 BTC to each of his 7 children. He also wants BTC to become a national currency.

Once upon a time, in the fast-moving world of cryptos, there was a man with a legendary legacy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Nephew of the famous American president JFK, he too had great ambitions for the future of his country. But instead of using traditional channels, he chose to rely on the digital magic of Bitcoin.

Passionate about freedom and technology, RFK had already announced that he held a considerable sum in Bitcoin, a value that had already reached hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet his thirst for change and desire to make the world a better place went far beyond his own investments.

It was during a fascinating Twitter Spaces interview with renowned podcaster Scott Melker, nicknamed “The Wolf of All Streets”, that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made an announcement that went viral: he had bought 2 Bitcoins for each of his 7 children! He wanted to share the BTC dream with his own family, so that they too could get a taste of the digital revolution.

The tale of Kennedy Jr. and Bitcoin continues!

“Right after the Bitcoin conference, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and bought 2 Bitcoins for each of my 7 children,” he confided enthusiastically.

This symbolic gesture was an eloquent demonstration of RFK’s love and confidence in this cryptocurrency, which he readily referred to as the “currency of freedom”. His dream was for his children to grow up with this new form of currency, which could perhaps one day free people from the constraints of the traditional financial system.

In his role as Democratic candidate for the U.S. presidency in 2024, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. didn’t hesitate to go even further in his quest for wider adoption of Bitcoin. At the Bitcoin Conference 2023 in Miami, he announced that he would henceforth accept Bitcoin donations to finance his campaign. A way of demonstrating his deep conviction in the value and potential of this crypto.

While the race for the White House was in full swing, RFK continued to be an ardent supporter of Bitcoin. He never missed an opportunity to extol the merits of this digital currency, and aspired to see it officially recognized as a national currency.

As the days went by, Bitcoin’s price fluctuated like a tumultuous ocean. Currently, its value was around $29,450, but for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. it was more than just a number. It was a symbol of progress and hope for a brighter future.

And so, the tale of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Bitcoin continues, carrying at its heart the dreams of a man, a family, and perhaps even an entire nation, aspiring to a new financial era, freer and more inclusive than ever.

End of story… for now.

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