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Polkadot and Revolut: Crypto Learn & Earn launched, win up to $15


The concept rewards users with crypto for learning essential topics in the blockchain industry.

Revolut is a global financial app that has joined a growing list of companies promoting cryptocurrency education via the Learn and Earn initiative. The concept rewards users with crypto for learning essential topics in the blockchain industry.

About the Learn and Earn concept

In a nutshell, “Learn and Earn” is the idea of rewarding you for earning tokens simply for learning more about altcoin projects. There are two motivations here: the companies behind the platform and the people behind the cryptocurrency.

The learning platform invites you to do this on their platform. This way, they drive traffic to their platforms and compete with each other. We will relay announcements of Polkadot’s “Learn and Earn” concept.

These cryptocurrency courses allow millions of its users to learn more about Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Users will have the opportunity to take the Crypto Basics course and the course on Polkadot and new blockchains. Participants will be able to win up to $15, to be paid in DOT, after completing a short course quiz.

Revolut says their lessons will be “easy to understand” for users, regardless of expertise. The lessons will consist of short videos and additional text-based learning materials.

Crypto learn and earn revolut polkadot

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  1. “Crypto Basics” is the first of the two courses and is designed to educate customers about cryptocurrencies and the differences between them and fiat currencies. The courses also examine other aspects of crypto-currencies, including decentralized systems, cryptography, the mechanics of blockchain technology and the risks associated with crypto investments.
  2. The second course is based on the Polkadot multichain network and how it unites blockchains in Web3 – the decentralized Internet. The second course will use visuals, including interactive maps and videos, to teach customers about Polkadot’s native token, DOT, as well as Polkadot use cases and Polkadot’s governance system.

As the financial services platform explained in the official post, there are people who want to enter the crypto space, but they don’t have the tools to get started. This crypto learning program is a way to incentivize users by offering rewards based on DOT, currently the eleventh largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization :

Many people throw around big words and confuse their friends with crypto chat. But how many people actually know how it works? Our courses will empower you to untangle the jargon and sort fact from fiction when it comes to cryptocurrencies and the Polkadot network (…)

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