PMU wants to run virtual horses in the metaverse
Metaverse and NFT

PMU wants to run virtual horses in the metaverse

PMU will launch very soon NFTs representing horses and allowing to participate in horse races in the metaverse.

On Thursday, during an Alliance Digitale event, Constantin Garreau, PMU’s innovation director, announced that his company would offer, this month, a collection of NFTs dedicated to games in the metaverse, reports La revue du digital.

The fantasy sport-style entertainment developed by PMU, with several studios, will allow NFT holders to compete in races, the results of which will be calculated from real race data. Each NFT will represent an illustrated card of an existing sports horse.

We will launch a game with NFTs in the next few days, with the idea of digital horses whose performance is linked to reality. The metaverse is the setting in which it will be possible to make, live and exchange […] We have it in mind (the economic model), and we say to ourselves that very quickly if we are able to apply the economy of the video game, to create something with an economy of stakes, it can very quickly generate several tens or even hundreds of millions of euros of income, and thus become something that has a real impact,” explained Constantin Garreau.

The French company has built a 5-year business plan on the use of the metaverse, our colleagues report.

“It’s a perilous exercise because we know that the day we make this business plan that it will be wrong the next day because the market metrics, as we have seen on cryptos are very chaotic We say to ourselves that we should not do this just to have a kind of laboratory and set up stuff with guys with helmets. We need to think about how we can turn this into a sustainable business model,” said the executive.

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