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Opera Crypto browser now supports MetaMask and other important wallets

Opera, the company behind the world’s first cross-platform Web3 browser, today announced one of its most significant updates. Opera is making news again with the beta launch of a new browser called Crypto Browser on PC, Mac and Android.

Opera explained:

Too few of the web browsing experiences on offer today have been designed with the intention of bringing Web3 to the forefront and making blockchain technologies understandable and easy to use. With the Crypto Browser project, we set out to change that, and starting today, we invite the blockchain community to join us on this mission.

In other words, the Opera Crypto Browser now supports MetaMask and other important wallets.
To accompany this development, the browser also features the innovative “Wallet Selector“, an industry-first multi-wallet management tool.

The mobile version of Opera Crypto Browser supports Bitcoin, Ethereum

This feature allows users to seamlessly choose which of their wallets they want to use to interact with a particular dApp or website. They can now choose between their wallets directly in the browser’s address bar, without having to go into settings or having to manage competing extensions.

opera crypto browser wallet selector

In addition to Opera Crypto Browser’s native wallet, wallets supported by the wallet selector include Metamask and hundreds of others, as long as they are available as Opera or Chrome extensions.

In addition to built-in support for dApps and a non-depository crypto-wallet, it also includes Crypto Corner – a dedicated access point for the latest industry news, prices, key metrics such as gas rates and market sentiment, educational content and a calendar .for upcoming events.

The mobile version of Opera Crypto Browser currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon , BNB Chain , Celo , FIO , Near and Nervos blockchains and their respective tokens. Meanwhile, users of the desktop version can take advantage of native Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon integrations.

According to Batt, leader of Opera’s crypto ecosystem:

Opera Crypto Browser “is the only browser truly ready for this change and the only one that gives web users all the tools they need to discover Web3 in a secure environment. Opera Crypto Browser is a standalone browser released in January of this year and works with the company’s traditional Web2 browser.

Launched earlier this year, the Norwegian company Opera’s crypto-friendly browser now includes a feature that allows you to “quickly and seamlessly switch between different wallet extensions” and aims to make it easier to access decentralized applications.

Following a partnership with DappRadar, the browser’s crypto-corner, a special tab with information, data and prices on cryptos, has also undergone a redesign.

We also learn that the PancakeSwap application has been integrated into the browser’s native wallet available on PC but also mobile since April.

For Susie Batt, head of the crypto ecosystem at Opera, this update brings Web3 closer to the experience offered today by Web2 before the highly anticipated Ethereum merge.

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