Opensea and Warner Music Group: To create fan communities
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Opensea and Warner Music Group : To create fan communities

Opensea officially announced its partnership with the Warner Music Group label on September 29, 2022. Their collaboration will allow artists to access a customized platform to create and hear their community on the web3.

Warner Music Group is one of the world’s leading music labels, with stars such as Cardi B, Madonna, Dua Lipa and Ed Sheeran. The partnership will provide WMG artists with access to OpenSea products and increased visibility in the NFT marketplace.

Therefore, OpenSea will help WMG artists connect with their Web3 communities. As part of the agreement, Warner Music Group artists would have a dedicated drop page to host limited edition projects on OpenSea.

Oana Ruxandra, digital director and executive vice president, business development said:

“Our collaboration with OpenSea helps facilitate these communities by unlocking Web3 tools and resources. I will create opportunities for artists to establish deeper engagement, access and ownership.”

Shiva Rajaraman, vice president of product at OpenSea added:

“We are thrilled to provide the support and infrastructure to welcome the Warner family of artists into the exciting NFT ecosystem.”

Warner Music artists will have early access to OpenSea’s new drops product. They will also have a customized NFT homepage to host limited edition NFT projects, as well as OpenSea ‘s safety and security features. WMG has signed some agreements to expand its Web3 presence. Back in May, a partnership “deal” was struck between OpenSea and Warner Music Group to develop avatars and NFTs for WMG artists.

Warner Music said that its first project entitled “Probably Nothing”, for Warner Music UK, would be in development with the Web3 company.

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