OpenSea adds new blockchains to its services, Optimism is now supported
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OpenSea adds new blockchains to its services, Optimism is now supported

Opensea, the NFT marketplace is now compatible with the Optimism scalability solution. Optimism which has made its arrival on the site.

Optimism joins five other OpenSea-enabled networks – Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Polygon (MATIC), Klatyn (KLAY) and Arbitrum. The non-fungible token selling platform (NFT) welcomed the “Optimists” on Twitter:

So Optimism’s native NFT projects are now listed on OpenSea. They include Apetism, Bored Town and OptiChads. The platform invites creators to set their transaction fees, which are editable on their profiles. In total, 100 collections have been added.

As a reminder, the Optimism network is one of the many blockchains to take advantage of the advent of Ethereum. Indeed, it is a Layer 2 solution compatible with all dApps on the Ethereum network. In order to reduce costs while increasing speed, Optimism performs all its calculations outside the Ethereum blockchain. However, transaction data is stored on the main ETH network.

See more about Ethereum layer here.

In announcing its partnership with Optimism, OpenSea specifically highlighted the integration of popular projects supported by Optimism, including Apetimism, Bored Town, MotorHeadz and OptiChads.

Until now, Optimism’s NFTs were mainly available on the Quix marketplace. Their arrival on OpenSea opens them to a much larger audience.

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