Nike : launch of the new NFT collection of digital sneakers
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Nike : launch of the new NFT collection of digital sneakers

Nike will offer virtual sneakers at the launch of the new collection, which is expected to include several hundred thousand virtual pairs of the sneaker brand’s famous Air Force 1 shoe.

Indeed, Nike has announced the upcoming launch of a digital sneaker collection named Our Force 1 (OF1) and featuring its iconic Air Force 1 model on .SWOOSH, its NFT platform.

As a reminder, this new collection is not Nike’s first foray into the NFT sector. The company has already launched, in the past, the CryptoKicks collection, digital sneakers marketed in partnership with RTFKT. This collection was a real success on the markets and according to the OpenSea tool, a pair of virtual sneakers was even sold in April 2022 at the extraordinary price of $130,000.

Nike has just introduced a collection of “virtual creations” (editor’s note: NFTs) co-developed by the community of its .SWOOSH platform, which now has more than 300,000 participants.

According to a press release, the Our Force 1 collection comes in the form of two “digital boxes” (New Wave and Classic Remix) sold for $19.82 each. Each contains an Our Force 1, a digital version of an Air Force 1, with unique features.

“OF1 is a tribute to Nike’s first 50 years and the creativity and versatility of the Air Force 1. The collection removes the barriers of physical product, builds community and leverages pioneering technology that fuels the future of sports,” Nike said.

Its platform has launched an airdrop to select users for priority access to the sale, which will officially begin on May 10, 2023.

Earlier this year, SWOOSH invited its users to create virtual sneaker designs. Some of the designs were included in the platform’s upcoming drop.

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