NFT: Trump Digital Trading Cards collection soars before falling back
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NFTs : Trump Digital Trading Cards collection soars before falling back

The price of Donald Trump‘s NFTs soars before falling back. Indeed, the 45,000 NFTs in the collection launched by Donald Trump found takers in less than 24 hours. The tokens bottomed out at 0.8 ETH over the weekend before falling back down.

Launched on December 16, 2022 on Polygon, the Trump Digital Trading Cards collection featuring the 45th president of the United States sold out entirely on the same day.

The tokens, each featuring a unique baseball card-style illustration of Donald Trump, were priced at $99 each. They allow you to enter a drawing to win “incredible prizes” like dinner with the 76-year-old American billionaire.

Over the weekend, the floor price of NFTs rose above 0.8 ETH, or about $950, on the specialist marketplace OpenSea, before falling back to around 0.3 ETH ($350).

At the end of 2021, his wife Melania Trump had also launched NFTs. The former “First Lady” was at the time suspected of having bought back a token from her own collection.

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