NFT 5 Frenchmen arrested by the police
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NFTs : 5 Frenchmen arrested by the police for the theft of BAYC

Following an investigation by the Central Office for Combating Crime Related to Information Technology and Communication (OCLCTIC), five young people have been arrested in Paris for the theft of NFTs worth several million dollars, reports Le Figaro, citing an AFP report.

Under the pseudonym ZachXBT, the blockchain expert was sounding the alarm this summer. In the story of his investigation, he reported on the maneuvers of a group of scammers, crooks in search of NFTs.

These thieves were particularly interested in prestigious collections, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club. In 2021, the first victim was a Yuga Labs token holder.

The young cybercriminals divided the tasks between the construction of the fake website, marketing, advertising and laundering of these stolen NFTs, one of which is worth nearly a million dollars!

The ZachXBT investigation led the police to the criminals. This is what the deputy head of the OCLCTIC testified in the columns of the newspaper Le Monde. On October 12, five people were indicted.

These young Frenchmen were born between 1998 and 2003. Each had a role to play. Among the suspects, one was responsible for the website and marketing. Three others are suspected of money laundering operations.

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