NFT: Porsche has discontinued the mint of its first collection
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NFT : Porsche has discontinued the mint of its first collection

Porsche announced on Twitter its intention to discontinue the mint of its first non-fungible token collection (NFT), after receiving a lot of negative criticism from the web3 community.

Indeed, only less than 20% of the expensive NFTs have found takers so far.

Teased for several weeks and launched on Monday, Porsche’s NFT sale was initially available to whitelisted individuals and then opened to the public.

The NFT collection, which pays tribute to the Porsche 911, is composed of 7500 tokens sold at a unit price of 0.911 ETH, or about 1300 euros at the current price.

Each NFT represents the mythical sports car of the German manufacturer in a unique white color. In a second step, the token holders will be able to customize the vehicle and will have to choose between 3 “routes”: Performance, Heritage or Lifestyle.

While the sale has been going on for almost 20 hours now, only 18% of the NFTs have been sold. On the mint page, there are still 6116 tokens available, at the time of publishing this article.

In recent days, a number of collectors had protested about the price of NFT Porsche on social networks. A price often considered too high especially “in a bear market period”.

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