NFT : Donald Trump's second collection sold out in one day
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NFT : Donald Trump’s second collection sold out in one day

The former American president Donald Trump has just announced the release of a “series 2” of his NFT Trump Digital Trading Cards collection. This second collection was sold out in one day.

Indeed, the 45,000 new NFTs, at $99 a piece, were all sold out in record time on

I am pleased to inform you that due to the great success of my digital playing cards launched previously, we are starting again, Donald Trump had announced Tuesday on the social network Truth Social.

This collection offered 47000 NFT (Trump Digital Trading Cards) featuring Donald Trump who still has a huge fan base in the United States.

Non-fungible tokens issued on the blockchain Polygon (MATIC) which makes a total of 4.65 million dollars of revenue for the sale of these non-fungible tokens.

If someone bought 47 of the NFT trading cards, they should receive a ticket to a gala dinner with Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago golf club in Florida.

The new collection also differs from the first in art, rarity features and other utility features. Like the original collection, this set also features images of Donald Trump in a variety of styles, including as a rock star, superhero and even as an astronaut.

Following the success of this latest NFT Donald Trump collection, look for more non-fungible token collections to be released in the future for fans of the former US president.

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