CryptoPunk 2924 sold for 3300 ETH, or $4.45 million
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NFT : CryptoPunk 2924 sold for 3300 ETH or $4.45 million

While the crypto and NFT sector is currently in the midst of a bear market, CryptoPunk 2924 managed to sell for 3300 ETH, or $4.45 million at the current Ethereum price of around $1321 on Binance.

During the NFT hype, people used to spend millions to acquire JPEGs. But with market conditions remaining choppy lately, it seems that things have calmed down. However, that didn’t stop one particular user from purchasing a CryptoPunk NFT for 3300 Ethereum.

It is worth remembering that the most expensive CryptoPunk ever sold is punk #5822. This alien-style punk was sold to Deepak Thapliyal, CEO of Chain, for about $23 million in February this year. This amount is more than double the price of the second highest selling punk.

As of June 2021, CryptoPunk “Covid Alien” had sold for nearly $12 million, nearly half the price achieved by the sale of CryptoPunk #5822.

Moreover, CryptoPunk is one of the top NFT projects that have seen a rise of about 348% in the last day. Despite the recovery in sales seen over the past day, the NFT market remains in a slump. Based on data from Dune Analytics, NFT trading volumes are down 97% from the highs seen in January of this year.

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