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NFT: Atlético de Madrid club partners with STEPN and WhaleFin

NFTs are becoming increasingly successful; STEPN partners with Atlético de Madrid and WhaleFine for an exciting collection of NFT sneakers.

Access to special seats in the stadium and more

New NFT collections are coming out regularly. The latest example is a collection of 1,000 NFT sneakers made in collaboration with the Spanish soccer club Atletico de Madrid.

These NFT sneakers will be compatible with the NFT Stepn gaming platform. In addition, they will be the effigy of the club Atletico de Madrid. These NFTs will represent important elements that have made the history of the Spanish club such as its stadium, its trophies and its players.

The Genesis collection will offer users exclusive access to signed Atlético de Madrid jerseys, WhaleFin NFT drops and much more such as:

  • One of 11 autographed team jerseys;
  • Special seats in the stadium;
  • A VIP tour for two people to live intensely at the pace of your team.
  • In another area, you can also benefit from airdrops with the crypto exchange WhaleFin. As a reminder, an airdrop is a distribution of tokens at reduced prices (or even free). An airdrop is a way to spread the word about ambitious new crypto projects.

Íñigo Aznar, Atlético de Madrid’s commercial director, said:

This strategic alliance with WhaleFin opens up a new world of possibilities for the club and our fans around the world. Exploring new ways to connect with our fan base and with communities like STEPN allows us to discover the innovative possibilities offered by Web3.


NFT will use STEPN move-to-earn technology

The advent of blockchain, NFTs and Play-To-Earn games has totally changed the game to see a new way of consuming sports emerge.

Just like Play-To-Earn (P2E), blockchain applications based on the concept of Move-to-Earn (M2E) combine both the world of video games and sports applications to earn cryptocurrencies for users with physical activity. It’s a perfect combination of Play-to-Earn and apps that encourage people to move and take care of their health.

In other words, it is a unique web3 lifestyle app that allows you to earn crypto while being active.

Shiti Ragosti, marketing director at Stepn added:

Through such high-profile collaborations, we create win-win partnerships for the partner brands as well as the users through real rewards and benefits (…) Stepn is also fulfilling its mission to bring the world of Web3 to wider sports communities through these collaborations and partnerships by integrating more users.

The app integrates GameFi and SocialFi technologies. Like other fitness apps, it tracks your daily activity, be it walking, running or anything else.

In addition, STEPN promotes a healthy lifestyle and enables game progression by upgrading sneakers and creating new ones.

As you can see, the NFT Genesis collection is the result of a collaboration between three entities: the Atlético de Madrid soccer club, Stepn and WhaleFin.

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