Nansen and Kaiko : An alliance to guide institutions through the cryptos market
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Nansen and Kaiko : An alliance to guide institutions through the cryptos market

In the complex and fragmented world of cryptos, blockchain analytics companies Nansen and Kaiko have recently joined forces to create a revolutionary platform. The collaboration aims to offer financial institutions a clear, global view of crypto exchanges, whether centralized (CEX) or decentralized (DEX).

Navigating the complex world of cryptos!

The crypto market, with its multiple exchange platforms and dispersed transactions, presents significant challenges for institutions. Fully understanding blockchain ecosystems, market dynamics and regulatory compliance has become a major issue. This is where Nansen and Kaiko come in.

By combining Nansen’s portfolio data and Kaiko’s market data, this alliance aims to create a powerful analytical solution. This will give investors access to in-depth market analysis, trend identification, liquidity changes and trading strategy evaluation.

“Thanks to the integration of on-chain and market data provided by Nansen and Kaiko, a more complete view of the crypto space opens up to us,” enthuses Alex Svanevik, CEO of Nansen.

This strategic collaboration comes at a crucial time for Nansen, which recently faced a period of restructuring with the layoff of 30% of its workforce. However, this promising alliance with Kaiko demonstrates Nansen’s commitment to reinventing itself and continuing to play a key role in the blockchain ecosystem.

Thanks to this innovative analytics platform, financial institutions will be able to navigate the complex world of cryptos with confidence and understanding, paving the way for new growth and investment opportunities in this rapidly expanding sector.

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