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Metaverse: University of Tokyo plans to offer courses

The University of Tokyo is moving into the World-wide-web3 era with its own Metaverse-focused program. Also known as Todai, it is expected to offer a range of degree programs later this year that will take place in the Metaverse.

The program”s main goal is to address the shortage of skilled personnel to manage digital transformation and keep up with rapidly changing technologies. 


Todai metaverse : To address the lack of qualified personnel

According to a July 23 report by local media outlet The Asahi Shimbun:

  • the courses will be offered to students ranging from high school students to adult learners in the workforce, 
  • the university will even post available jobs in the area on its Todai metaverse, 
  • all course participants will also get official certifications,
  • courses will be held in virtual reality as well as face-to-face

The publication said the Metaverse curricula will not be delivered via its own dedicated faculty that offers degrees, but will instead operate under Todai’s engineering faculty and engineering-related graduate schools.

The Todai project was initiated to address the lack of qualified personnel working on “digital transformation” and “advanced technologies.”

University officials also emphasized that studying in the metaverse will also create a situation in which “anyone, regardless of age, gender, social status and location, can learn more about engineering and information science.”

 The use of the metaverse would create an educational system in which anyone, regardless of age, gender, social status, and location could learn more about engineering and information science.

Todai’s metaverse platform is already active and has been used several times by University President Teruo Fujii to give a lecture in January and to provide an online orientation for incoming students.

The platform is open to students from other universities to do research with and for high school students and their parents/guardians to explore.


Metaverse projects are increasing

Japan has seen a rapid increase in metaverse-related projects. The country has registered its first city – Yoshimoto Kogyo and Yabu City, Hyogo Prefecture – to open a metaverse platform, as reported by Kobe Shimbun.

Meanwhile, the University of Tokyo was not the only educational institution to explore the use of the metaverse to influence knowledge. In June, Arizona State University (ASU) filed trademarks with the USPTO indicating its intention to hold virtual reality courses and use other metaverse technologies.

Similarly, a World Bank report in April shows that several national colleges in the Eastern Caribbean are building their capacity to use metaverse technology. The project is a joint effort of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and the World Bank and will develop a unified virtual campus model.

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