MetaMask: Ready to dump the Apple ecosystem and its 30% tax
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MetaMask : Ready to quit the Apple ecosystem and its 30% tax

MetaMask co-founder Dan Finlay calls for abandoning (dump) the Apple ecosystem.

In the cryptocurrency sector, the GAFAM multinational Apple is becoming the main enemy to be shot down. This is because of its corporate policy mainly built around a careful lockdown of its features and services.

A dynamic in total opposition with the vision presented as Web3 of this decentralized digital economy, which is still struggling to find an obvious definition. And Apple’s unlikely willingness to tax the transfer fees of NFTs tokens from the Coinbase wallet seems to set the world on fire. For the co-founder of the MetaMask wallet, Dan Finlay, sees it as an unbearable “abuse of monopoly”.

Dan Finlay, co-founder of the iconic MetaMask wallet, understands that after the unlikely, yet very real blocking of the Coinbase wallet, “all other wallets (will be) next.” Indeed, according to him this hindrance to the growth of the crypto ecosystem represents “a path of censorship” intolerable. And in order to oppose it, the crypto community must unite to “find a viable solution, so that end users can continue to have the freedom to transact and the technology can thrive.”

Dan Finlay explained:

“I will absolutely stand in solidarity in this case. And I assume MetaMask (MM) and all the other wallets are next. I’m ready to abandon the Apple ecosystem. Its 30% tax is an abuse of monopoly. Tim Cook has donned the disguise of Big Brother.”

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