What is maticfund crypto trading bot?

MaticFund crypto trading robot of the future

If you want to invest in cryptocurrency but don’t have the time to make each investment and follow up with the details each time of the day, you can try crypto trading bots. Trading bots are automated programs that perform specific trading-related tasks with minimal interventions.

You can use said bots to trade one or more cryptocurrencies on a single or variety of programs effortlessly. Crypto trading programs are designed to automate effective trading strategies to increase trading profits. Note that several crypto trading bots are available and come with various perks.

Thus, it’s vital to understand your preferred crypto trading bot and know whether it’ll work for you. This article focuses on a new dapp, MaticFund, and discusses how the crypto trading bot is designed to turn over maximum profits.

Having done thorough research on this crypto trading app, I’m confident that I have enough information to help you get started and what you may expect. Read on and learn how to invest and what kind of profits you’d expect from your investment.

What is Maticfund? Crypto trading app


Like other crypto trading bots, MaticFund is designed to provide you with smart, automated crypto investing strategies for individuals seeking profitable business opportunities in crypto trading. The bot is designed to search for profitable opportunities and make quick trading decisions to maximize return on investment.

I noticed that the trading bot has a simple and easy-to-use design that simplifies crypto trading for its users. I deposited my funds in Matic cryptocurrency and let the bot do everything else. The program made it easy to deposit or withdraw funds; plus, I could reinvest my daily 1.61% profit as the second deposit and increase my daily profit.

The trading app offers a daily APR of 1.61% is a good profit considering it is designed to work 24/7 to increase the investor’s passive income. If you are interested, the next question is, “How do you go about trading on MaticFund?”

How to get started

I found trading on MaticFund to be quite easy. This 5-step guide is quite simple and easy to follow. The steps include:

Creating a wallet

It would be best to begin by installing Meta Mask or any other wallet in the connect offer and add Polygon Chain to the wallet.

Get Matic

Next, you should purchase Matic through the stock exchange and send it to your wallet. Ensure that you buy and ship through the Polygon network.

Connect the wallet

Ensure you keep your wallet switched to the Polygon chain, then click on ‘connect’ at the top of the site to connect your wallet. After getting a stable connection, you’ll see the wallet number instead of the word connect.

Make a deposit

Next, you’ll need to make a deposit by clicking on ‘dashboard.’ Enter the amount of Matic you’d like to invest after clicking on the “Enter Matic” section. Click on “deposit” and complete the deposit in your wallet.

Time to earn

Your profit will begin accruing immediately after you make a successful deposit. You can withdraw your profits at any moment by clicking on “withdraw profit.” The amount withdrawn will appear in your wallet.


I’m sure you have a few other questions concerning the crypto trading app, and lucky for you, I have all the answers.

When can I make a withdrawal?

You’ll start earning a profit as soon as you make a successful deposit. You can easily make the first withdrawal one hour after the deposit. I recommend making the first withdrawal after 24 hours at the earliest, but of course it’s up to you. The bot will generate a daily APR of 1.61 % profit for each day if your deposit remains invested. When you withdraw your deposit the bot will stop generating a profit. 

How often can I withdraw my profits?

You can make your withdrawals as often as you like. Withdrawing your funds depends on you and your preferred strategy.

How often can I deposit?

You can make your deposits as often as you’d like. Additionally, you can withdraw your profits and put them back in as a deposit. Doing this increases the compound daily interest helping you earn more money.

How can I increase my profits?

You can increase your passive income by making bigger deposits or redepositing your profits to get a bigger compound daily interest rate.

Can I use the app on my phone?

You can use MaticFund on your phone. It would be best to have a browser and wallet supporting the Polygon chain on your phone.


There’s a huge market in the crypto industry, meaning you have many opportunities to make a profit. However, it would be best if you had the perfect crypto trading bot to do that. MaticFund is a new dapp that seeks interesting trading opportunities to help you gain more passive income for your investments. It’s worth checking out.

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