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Mastercard and Eurocoinpay : you can now pay with cryptos in over 90 million stores

Pecunia Card Eye, the EurocoinPay technology company, has reached an agreement with Mastercard to launch a debit card.

Eurocoinpay is a Spanish crypto-exchange and becomes the first company, and the seventh globally, to market its crypto card. Via the card, which is already available to Eurocoinpay customers, Mastercard offers the ability to make payments at more than 90 million establishments in the web 3, online commerce and healthcare sectors. The web 3, online and physical commerce establishments receive them directly in the conventional currency.

Herminio Fernandez de Blas, CEO of Eurocoinpay, believes that this type of intermediate product is necessary to popularize cryptocurrencies. He said that this move “consolidates purchases with cryptocurrencies, which is increasingly being implemented in more stores that accept these digital assets as a payment method.”

According to Mastercard CEO Michael Miebach, the card will help Eurocoinpay users make purchases at more than 90 million stores worldwide.

The card is commission-free, the cardholder only needs to be registered with EurocoinPay and once received, the cardholder will be able to use it to make payments.

EurocoinPay and once they receive the card by mail, they will have to activate it. From that moment on, you can start making payments with cryptos.

The Mastercard-EurocoinPay card also allows you to make ATM withdrawals.

mastercard eurocoinpay crypto bitcoin

The Spanish exchange EurocoinPay is registered with the Bank of Spain and has been selected twice in the European Commission’s tender with its POS virtual cryptocurrency for the Spanish Sandbox.

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