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Make money with cryptos : the best staking sites

Staking crypto is perhaps one of the most preferred methods to make money with bitcoin and altcoins and especially to generate passive income. It is one of the easiest to practice indeed and requires no technical skills.

What is staking crypto ?

With staking, all you need to do is hold cryptocurrencies in a wallet in order to be paid by the network and earn passive income.

Staking is the act of immobilizing your cryptos in a smart contract in order to participate in the operations that take place on a blockchain. Staking is similar to mining in that they reward users for participating in securing a decentralized network. This way, you will store your crypto while enjoying benefits.

That said, now that the staking system is growing more and more, with more and more investor participation, it’s getting easier and easier to do staking. And, therefore, to generate additional income without having to do anything.

Discover the best sites for staking cryptocurrencies and earning passive interest easily.

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The best exchange platforms for staking

Binance: thanks to its Binance Earn tool, this platform allows you to stage cryptocurrencies with blocked or flexible staking. For flexible staking, the return is currently between 2 and 6% while it is much higher for blocked staking. Minimum staking periods range from 15 to 90 days.

Kraken: In the same way, Kraken offers a tool called “Kraken Earn” which allows you to perform staking operations on various digital currencies such as Polkadot, Tezos, Cosmos, Flow, Kusama or Kava. The rewards here will vary from 0.25% to 20%.

Coinbase: the American crypto-exchange platform also allows staking on several crypto including Algorand, Cosmos, Ethereum, or Tezos with daily, weekly, or bi-weekly payment frequencies. The annual return can be over 5%.

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