LG Group France: it is now possible to pay for a car in cryptos
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LG Group France: it is now possible to pay for a car with cryptos

The LG Group launches the payment in cryptos like Bitcoin with the Lyzi application.

The LG Group claims about twenty dealerships in France and Spain. It was in 2005 that the Group was created with the purchase of the Monopole Automobiles dealership for the Mercedes-Benz brand. The activity continues to grow, it is from 2010 that the group will begin a strong expansion with the creation of LG Béziers, then in 2011 the purchase of the dealerships LG Narbonne and LG Carcassonne, still for the Mercedes-Benz brand. In March 2018, the group continues its ascent by acquiring 4 Mercedes-Benz dealerships in the Midi-Pyrénées region: LG Toulouse, LG Muret, LG Albi, LG Castres.

LG, our goal is to democratize cryptocurrency

The dealership continues to grow. In 2022, the Group becomes the first French dealer to accept payment for cars, motorcycles or trucks in cryptos thanks to the Lyzi app.

As for Lyzi, it is an application based on Blockchain services, based on Tezos technology, a public and energy-efficient network. The app integrates a wallet for managing and buying/selling crypto-assets, a crypto-payment feature but also loyalty and cashback offers.

In particular, Lyzi managed to convince LG Group to offer its customers to pay in cryptocurrencies. The dealer’s customers can now pay, rent or repair their vehicle with the 25 cryptos offered by the Lyzi application. All types of vehicles are concerned: car, motorcycle or even truck.

As Gérald Imbert, General Manager of the LG Group, points out, payment in cryptocurrency within its network of 14 dealerships in France is not limited to the purchase of a car but also applies to all purchases in the dealership such as an oil change, the purchase of a battery or a change of tires.

LG Group says it made a decision in line with the group’s philosophy, which tends to innovate.

“Cars are part of the daily life of the French. By offering a purchase in crypto we continue our goal to democratize digital currency. Through this partnership we aim to demonstrate the simplicity ter group payment in LG peruvelle customers,” said Damien Patureaux, boss of Lyzi.

Gérald Imbert, general manager of LG Group. added:

“We have witnessed the beginning of the digital shift. The development of the internet has already redefined the expectations and needs of consumers in terms of the customer experience. Why not, after all, it’s a logical continuation?

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