LEARN CRYPTOS : The psychology of unconscious beliefs in crypto trading

How To Trade Crypto: The Psychology Of Unconscious Beliefs is an article written by Jowan Dawes, editor-in-chief at 21Cryptos Magazine.

Our unconscious beliefs about money can be the deciding factor in whether we succeed of fail in our goals. From entrepreneurs to investors, retail workers to the unemployed – we all have a goal, and the vast majority of the time we’re working as hard as we can towards achieving that goal.

A success attitude may influence your trading results

Contrary to popular belief, the reason we either succeed or fail in our goals doesn’t have as much to do with our external circumstances as we think. No-one’s denying that some things are 100 times harder, or even virtually impossible, for some – but the vast majority of the time the consistent factor in success or failure – is you. Unconscious beliefs play a larger role in this than most of us admit. We’re not talking about low self-esteem, depression, or a host of other psychological issues that get in the way – we’re talking about the ‘coding’ we’ve written into our minds that dictates how we see the world around us, and consequently what we believe is truly possible.

The majority of us won’t grow up with a ‘success attitude’ – this is built into us from our early years, when things go wrong with money, when fear kicks in, or just through repetition of a standard low-income, low success lifestyle. It’s these experiences that write the scripts in our minds that dictate what we believe is possible. The power of our unconscious mind is greater than we realise in perpetuating this – it’s continuously analysing its surroundings, taking in information, predicting events – it’s the source of our intuition – and it decides what our conscious mind ‘sees’, based on the instructions its given.

Beliefs on scarcity VS abundance – how they influence your crypto trading results

Someone who ‘believes’ that money is scarce will instruct their unconscious to only show them events and opportunities that affirm that. But rest assured, there are thousands of paths to success literally all around us, and if we can find a way to instruct our unconscious minds to look for those things, then we’ll have unlimited opportunities at our fingertips.

Ultimately, there’s a huge difference between wanting and believing. The take home here is that it’s beneficial to move away from emotional ‘wanting’, and towards a deep ‘understanding’ that the path to achieving your goals is a simple process from A to B (or sometimes A to Z). The knowledge of what those steps are is around you at all times, just waiting for you to choose to see it.

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