How Tether Defeated a Scammer and Recovered Stolen Millions?
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How Tether Defeated a Scammer and Recovered Stolen Millions?

Discover the captivating story of Tether ‘s recent victory over a scammer who stole $20 million in USDT using a clever phishing technique. Dive into the world of cryptocurrencies, scams and the vigilance needed to protect your digital assets.

Once upon a time, in the ruthless world of cryptocurrencies, there was a cunning crook who sought to enrich himself at the expense of the innocent. Armed with his mouse and keyboard, he used a diabolical phishing technique to deceive his victims and steal their precious digital assets.

But what he didn’t know was that he would soon cross paths with Tether, the stablecoin giant, ready to defend the interests of its users.

The story began with a tweet from ZachXBT, a digital vigilante determined to investigate crypto scams and foil the plans of cybercriminals. He reported a high-profile theft, where the scammer had managed to grab $20 million in USDT.

Tether, closely monitoring his blockchain realm, was alerted to this fraudulent maneuver. Without hesitation, he acted swiftly to freeze the stolen funds and put the cybercriminal’s address on his blacklist, preventing him from doing any further harm.

The power of Tether?

Even ZachXBT was amazed by Tether’s speed of action, and couldn’t believe his eyes. In just one hour, the stolen stablecoins were blocked, and the victim was protected from even greater financial loss.

The swindler had used a devious ruse to deceive his victim. He made token transfers of zero value from the victim’s wallet to his phishing address, carefully designed to look like a familiar address.

These transfers, of no real value, didn’t require approval of the victim’s private key, but they served a perfidious purpose. They subtly incited the victim to send real funds to the scammers’ address at a later date.

By consulting their transaction history, the victim could be tricked into only partially verifying the destination address. Often, relying solely on the first and last characters, they failed to notice the deception and unwittingly sent their precious digital assets to the scammer.

Unfortunately, in this story, the victim was caught out by this treacherous ploy and lost $20 million in USDT.

But this saga also has an essential moral: vigilance is essential in the world of cryptocurrencies. Check deposit addresses carefully before sending funds, and don’t hesitate to test with small amounts before larger transactions.

This story also demonstrates the power of major cryptocurrency players such as Tether. Thanks to its ability to freeze USDT tokens, millions of stolen dollars were recovered and returned to the victim.

Never forget that in this digital world, trust is precious, but it must be coupled with caution. The major players are there to protect their users, but everyone must also play their part in keeping greedy crooks at bay.

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