Google Cloud launches into Web3, new partnerships with crypto companies!
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Google Cloud launches into Web3, new partnerships with crypto companies!

The crypto sector is evolving, Google Cloud is expanding its partnerships to attract more startups from the blockchain sector that seems to concern everyone.

The platform in partnership with some of the biggest crypto companies, is offering a special initiative for Web3 startups via its Google Cloud service. The said program provides technical tools and many other features to companies in the pre-startup phase.

The platform offering cloud storage and computing services would like Web3 projects to make more use of its infrastructure. To do so, it is now partnering with many crypto service providers. Examples include smart contracts platform Solana and analytics company Nansen.

James Tromans, head of Web3 engineering at Google Cloud, said:

“Our goal is to enable Web3 creators to have a reliable, scalable and sustainable infrastructure on which to build their applications. We want to make Google Cloud the first choice for every Web3 startup and developer to help them launch and grow their business.”

Concretely, this program “Google Cloud for Web3”, aims to provide startups with the tools they need to create decentralized applications (dApps) using blockchain technology. The suite includes several components, including an Ethereum node service, a decentralized identity service and a decentralized data storage service.

In addition, AI startups can receive up to $350,000 in discounts by using Google Cloud infrastructure. In fact, a Web3 platform only needs to have a Google Cloud account to apply for the available benefits. These would allow it to innovate quickly and easily while saving money, depending on its funding status.

The launch of Google Cloud for Web3 comes at a time when interest in blockchain technology and cryptos has never been stronger. More and more startups are looking to build decentralized applications and services, and Google Cloud’s new suite of services could prove to be a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking to build the next generation of Web3 applications.

Projects are proliferating in the Web3 sector, which is considered the Internet of the future. For example, earlier this month, the Icon.X project launched a new F1 experience in Web3. The idea was to facilitate access to the reserved circle of car racing. The project included several components such as sponsorship, team integration and cash prize.

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