Gold, Bitcoin, Thanks : Comparison between 3 Stores Of Value

To be an efficient store of value, a cryptoasset must respect some features, that could be inspired by gold : a limited supply, a practical usecase, and liquidity in the market.

Limited supply

The value of a crypto is kept by its total supply, and the possibility to an individual or an institution to create more circulating supply is the first cause of value instability and crash, as it could drive more supply to the market at a planned or an unexpected time. Even if there are uncapped cryptos that meet success, these ones would gain more value if they were limited to a fixed number. Let’s take gold as an exemple : the maximum quantity of gold in the market is capped by the possible maximum quantity of gold that Earth holds. Even if gold miners are producing tons of gold each year, it is widely known that it’s not an infinite asset, and this fact keeps its value around a certain level over time. Bitcoin has a limited total supply of 21,000,000 BTC making it as good as gold because its rarity makes its value. Thankstoken is also limited at 10000 THANKS, thus 2000x more rare than Bitcoin, and this is one of the most important characteristic in its tokenomics.

Real use

When a store of value can’t be sold during bear market, it must have another usecase, and not just wait for the market to turn bullish again. It’s certainly the case for gold as it can be transformed to jewels and other luxuous objects. Bitcoin cannot be transformed, but can be staked to get passive returns, or used as collateral for DeFi lending. THANKS can also be used in P2P social interactions to show gratitude in various situations, and can give returns when put in a liquidity pool on Automated Market Makers.


Even if a cryptoasset reaches higher prices or keeps value by remaining stable, it must have enough liquidity available in Automated Market Makers (AMM) to be tradeable at anytime. Scams like rug-pull schemes exploit the liquidity mechanisms to steal money from investors, like Squid Game Token did in 2021. The liquidity of Bitcoin is huge but held by millions of users around the world in unlocked wallets. In the other hand, the Thanks liquidity is still in a low level and divided in two parts : half is decentralized and held by many independant liquidity providers, and half is locked for 5 years until 2026 by Mudra Lock.

Gold, Bitcoin, and Thanks are both good stores of value with some differences : Bitcoin certainly is more rare than Gold, and Thanks is 2000x more rare than Bitcoin. If BTC price is today above $30000, Thanks price is still ranging between $3 and $15 but it’s just a matter of time before 1 THANKS = 1 BTC = 1 KG of GOLD. However, it also depends on mass adoption, as Bitcoin is already known and owned by millions of people, while Thanks has just started to build its community.

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