Euler Finance hacker returns another $80 million
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Euler Finance hacker returns another $80 million

Euler Finance, a DeFi protocol hacked to the tune of $200 million earlier this month, has finally recovered a significant portion of the stolen funds.

Indeed, after starting to return some of the funds last weekend, DeFi protocol hacker Euler Finance has returned about $80 million more. In addition, he apologized from on-chain messages.

Euler Finance did not communicate about the return of the funds. The price of its native token, EUL, rose following the spread of the news on social networks by companies specializing in blockchain cybersecurity and media.

The hacker had already returned 3,000 ethers a few days after the theft as the protocol sought to recover 90% of the funds in exchange for a $1 million bounty.

Indeed, the 40.7 million IADs distributed a few days ago on three different addresses were returned on the “Euler Deployer” smart contract, and three other transactions of 7,738.05 ETH each also took place from the said addresses.

This would leave approximately less than 20 million dollars missing from the 197 million stolen, although price fluctuations and exchanges may complicate the count.

Namely, Euler is a non-depository protocol built on Ethereum that allows lending and borrowing various digital assets. It was closing a $32 million funding round led by Haun Ventures in the summer of 2022.

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