eToro : A Crypto Adventure in Spain!
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eToro : A Crypto Adventure in Spain!

Discover how eToro, a revolutionary investment platform, conquered Spain with its crypto registration. Immerse yourself in this epic story where technology, blockchain and a passion for digital assets unite to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Nearly two decades ago, a small, ambitious start-up was born with a bold vision: to democratize investing for everyone, regardless of social standing or financial knowledge. Thus was born eToro, a multi-asset investment platform that would soon revolutionize the world of finance.

In 2017, eToro decided to dive into the tumult of the cryptosphere by enabling its users to invest in digital assets, often enigmatic virtual treasures, including the most famous duo, Bitcoin and Ethereum. But the adventure didn’t stop there. eToro was much more than just a broker, it was a passionate community fervently behind blockchain technology and its promise of change.

Armed with this unwavering determination, the eToro team had a dream: to offer the whole world the chance to participate in this digital revolution. After conquering France with its PSAN registration, eToro set its sights on new horizons, and it was sunny Spain that caught their eye.

eToro, a community of solidarity!

The journey to crypto registration in Spain was not an easy one. We had to gather all the paperwork, wade through the administrative maze and convince the guardians of the digital treasure trove that this platform deserved its place among digital asset service providers. But in this quest, eToro’s perseverance and vision never wavered.

Finally, the long-awaited approval arrived, from the Bank of Spain, custodian of precious licenses in the crypto kingdom. It was a victory not only for eToro, but for all digital asset enthusiasts who saw in this platform the means to realize their financial aspirations.

Tali Salomon, Director Iberia and Latin America at eToro, couldn’t contain his pride and excitement at this achievement. “As a multi-asset platform, we’ve always believed in the power of crypto and blockchain technology. Receiving this registration from the Bank of Spain is recognition of our commitment to our users and our passion for the financial future.”

Today, eToro has become a key player in the cryptosphere, a faithful companion for anyone wishing to explore the mysteries of digital assets. With over a hundred tokens to its bow, including the legendary Bitcoin and Ethereum, this platform has become a veritable digital treasure trove for modern adventurers.

Over the years, eToro has created a supportive and passionate community, united around shared values and driven by the conviction that digital assets are more than just a passing fad. It’s a revolution that’s part of history, a journey of no return towards a financial future of freedom and opportunity.

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