Ethereum : Layer2 ETH Base Mainnet welcomes developers
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Ethereum : Layer2 ETH Base Mainnet welcomes developers

Find out how the Layer2 Ethereum mainnet, supported by Coinbase, is opening up to developers. Dive into the details of Base, its developer tools and the excitement surrounding the imminent arrival of users on this Layer2 platform.

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived: the Ethereum Layer2 backbone, known as Base and supported by Coinbase, is now available to developers. In a blog post published on Thursday, the Base team announced this opening, inviting the first “builders” to deploy their projects on this new ground of innovation.

A new era of innovation on Ethereum

To mark this important milestone, developers who join this Layer2 first will be entitled to a special NFT named “Genesis Builder”, created by artist Klara Vollstaedt. This NFT is offered as a token of thanks and symbolizes the essential role played by pioneers in building this promising ecosystem.

Base provides a comprehensive range of tools for developers to facilitate their experience. These include secure wallet infrastructures such as Safe Wallet, block explorers such as Basescan and Blockscout, data indexers such as The Graph, and development platforms such as Thirdweb. With these resources at their disposal, developers will be able to give free rein to their creativity and develop innovative solutions on Base.

This Layer 2 solution, powered by Optimism’s OP stack, also offers access to trusted node providers such as Blockdaemon, Blast and QuickNode. These strategic partnerships guarantee robust connectivity and optimal network performance.

The opening of the Layer2 mainnet to the public was initially announced for 2023, with no further details. However, according to the latest information, this major event is set to take place very soon, generating great anticipation among players in the Ethereum ecosystem.

“We’re entering an exciting phase where manufacturers can deploy their products on Base in preparation for our GA (General Availability) mainnet in early August. That’s when we’ll start welcoming the next billion on-chain users,” said the Base team enthusiastically.

This opening of the core network paves the way for a new era of innovation and development on Ethereum. Developers are now invited to contribute their expertise and help build this new ecosystem, which promises to revolutionize the capabilities of the Ethereum blockchain.

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