Ether Shines in the Eyes of 46% of Americans, Will it Surpass King Bitcoin?
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Ether Shines in the Eyes of 46% of Americans, Will it Surpass King Bitcoin?

In a captivating poll conducted in the USA, 46% of participants see a bright future for Ethereum (Ether ETH), which could surpass the notorious Bitcoin (BTC). Let’s delve into the history of this legendary rivalry between Ether and Bitcoin, where hopes, predictions and stakes intertwine to shape the destiny of the crypto market.

In the back alleys of the crypto world, an epic duel looms on the horizon. The results of a captivating survey conducted in the USA reveal that 46% of participants believe in the rise of Ether, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum ecosystem (ETH), which could one day surpass the legendary Bitcoin (BTC).

Like a spellbinding mystery, the survey conducted by CryptoVantage polled 1,000 Americans. Among them, praise for Ether resounds brightly, hinting at a possible future of market domination.

The profiles surveyed did not require extensive market knowledge, opening the doors to a wide audience of crypto enthusiasts. The results provoke heated debate: 21% of those polled believe that Dogecoin (DOGE) could also rise above Bitcoin. On the other hand, 16% claim that no altcoin can rival the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

Ether has acquired such stature?

However, one prophecy seems to unite minds: 70% of participants are convinced that the Bitcoin price will reach new heights before 2028. As for those looking to the stars, 23% believe that this meteoric rise could happen as early as 2024.

Let’s delve into the legendary history of the bitter rivalry between Ether and Bitcoin. For years, Bitcoin, like an undisputed monarch, reigned supreme on the crypto-market. From 2009 to 2017, its dominance fluctuated between 99% and 95%, leaving the rest of the ecosystem eclipsed by its grandeur.

Yet, in the dark recesses of 2017, another force emerged: the Ethereum ecosystem, co-founded by visionary Vitalik Buterin. Its total value soared, gradually approaching Bitcoin’s throne.

In July 2017, while Bitcoin’s dominance stagnated at around 55%, Ether’s rose proudly to over 30%. A revolution in the crypto skies, dubbed the “flippening“, was then upon us.

Flippening” refers to the possibility of Ether one day surpassing Bitcoin in capitalization. Lively debates ensued, pitting the supporters of Bitcoin, seen as the digital equivalent of gold, against the defenders of Ethereum, praising the power of its smart contracts and its versatility.

Today, Bitcoin’s dominance stands at 50%, while Ether shines proudly at 19.65%. Its growing influence on the crypto-market is raising questions: some investors believe that Ether has acquired such stature that it can no longer be considered a mere altcoin.

Like a cosmic dance, the epic continues to unfold before our very eyes, shaping the destiny of the crypto market. Who will emerge victorious from this legendary duel between Ether and Bitcoin? The stars jealously guard their secret, revealing a future as captivating as it is uncertain.

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