Earth2 : Thankstoken acquired a private island on the metaverse

The metaverse is not only for individuals with a geek culture, since many companies have already started to enter these parallel worlds, mostly through the purchase of virtual land, but sometimes also by ensuring their presence in the form virtual shops, or showroom of their products.

Thankstoken was founded by Earth2 investors

This is precisely the case for Thankstoken, which was founded in November 2021 by crypto-investors initially united together, among other things, by their common passion for Earth2. It was therefore foreseeable that the Thankstoken project would acquire its own share of land : the private island Nosindolo located in the Mozambique Channel, a few kilometers off the coast of Madagascar. Nosindolo, a name translated into English as “Ghost Island” on Earth, is now renamed to “Thanks Island” on Earth2, and will be used by the Thankstoken brand to mark its presence and carry out its future activities in the Earth2 metaverse.

Visit the Thanks Island here : https://e2.me/thankstoken

What are Earth2 and Thankstoken ?

Earth2 is one of the most promising metaverse projects, both in terms of its mapping technology and its very active community. Earth2 is a perfect 1:1 scale replica of planet Earth, where it is possible to buy land – each tile measuring 10m x 10m – to build buildings on these virtual lands, to harvest natural resources present on or under the ground, and to conduct both economic and recreational activities.

Thankstoken, for its part, is a decentralized cryptocurrency for tokenizing gratitude on the Binance Smart Chain network. Its main use case is to be sent via Metamask or Trustwallet between two people to materialize an act of thanks. The total supply of Thankstoken is only 10,000 THANKS which makes it a token 2000 times more rare than Bitcoin, with enormous potential for financial value, even if for the moment one THANKS is only trading at $2 with a diluted marketcap of $20,000.


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