Discover Polygon's exciting new chapter: version 2.0 unveiled!
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Discover Polygon ‘s exciting new chapter: version 2.0 unveiled!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Polygon 2.0, the Ethereum scalability solution that’s about to metamorphose its architecture, tokenomics and governance. The ultimate goal? To build the value layer that will open the doors of the global economy to all.

With a blend of audacity and innovation, Polygon Labs, the visionary start-up behind the famous layer2, presented Polygon 2.0 yesterday. A series of radical updates, rethinking almost every aspect of the protocol, from its architectural foundations to its governance and tokenomics.

In a fiery blog post, Polygon Labs shared its clear vision for Polygon :

To build the value layer of the Internet. Just as the Internet democratized access to information, Polygon’s Value Layer democratizes access to the global economy. This new chapter paves the way for decentralized finance, digital property, new coordination mechanisms and much more.

The experts on the Polygon team plan to unveil a full roadmap very soon, revealing in detail the exciting components of Polygon 2.0. In particular, they promise to share their vision for the future of Polygon PoS and the exciting evolutions of MATIC, their native token.

Polygon 2.0 is a revolutionary network of L2 chains, powered by ZK, all unified by an innovative inter-chain coordination protocol. For a user, the entire network will feel like a single channel, simplifying the experience and opening up exciting new perspectives.

March saw the launch of the beta version of Polygon zkEVM’s main network, a key milestone in the project’s evolution.

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