CryptoGames, The Internet’s Noteworthy Gambling Spot For Beginners

CryptoGames, The Internet’s Noteworthy Gambling Spot For Beginners

CryptoGames is one of the most frequently mentioned crypto casinos of the current time. It is the home to both veteran gamblers as well as newbies. The casino is hosting intense games along with multiple features offered by its noteworthy user interface. The Curacao-based casino is built with a high adequate security system that protects all the user data and the transactions without a doubt. There is a wide variation in the offered cryptocurrencies and games. It rose among many top-rated online casinos by offering the latest crypto gambling experience. The casino is now widely known for favoring the newbies in the industry. This means new gamblers can easily explore the world of crypto gambling with fun and engaging games that are also very easily understandable. While the gambling platforms are trying to top each other through their best services, CryptoGames is already on the go for offering their players undeniable entertainment. The list of games they offer doesn’t contain hundreds of confusing games instead, it is serving every new player with 9 super exciting modern games. All of the games come along with a list of prominent cryptocurrencies that players can use for every kind of transaction. The casino doesn’t compromise when it comes to safety policies or any other service policies for its users. Hence, there is guaranteed safety for every bet or complete transparency on every round.

The Casino from the Inside:

CryptoGames has been successful in fulfilling the standard expected by the players, for a simple yet exciting gambling experience. The casino set its architecture in a dark ambiance that brings out the modern gambling aesthetic. CryptoGames has provided its players with a flawless outlook that doesn’t carry any popups or unnecessary advertisements. To access the games, players do not have to install any additional plugins or any other storage systems. Every game and other elements are lightweight and secure. This means they can be accessed with any device at any time. The user interface of the casino makes the gambling experience a hundred times more fun and enjoyable for everyone. One of the most noticeable parts of the casino is that the system doesn’t require the players to submit any kind of personal information or any kind of personal fund before they are sure about the structure of the website and the games. This means any new player can easily play at the casino for free as many times as they would like to before they make any real crypto deposits. On top of that, since there are a total of 10 Cryptocurrencies, the transactions can be made easily using those cryptocurrencies. There are also great transaction methods that are always available for the players.

Get Familiar with the Games:

Every game in the casino comes with its simplicity and high-quality entertainment. There are 10 games for the players that come with their house edges and payout tables. The games are customized to be beginner-friendly, hence it is easy for every new player to understand the objectives of the games within a short time. Although the outlook of the games is highly modern, they still unfailingly deliver old-school vibes to all crypto gamblers. All 10 cryptocurrencies can be used in all the games excluding Lottery, as it is only available for 4 cryptocurrencies.

Here are all the games you will see on the website:

  • Dice,
  • Slot,
  • Blackjack,
  • Roulette,
  • Video Poker,
  • Plinko,
  • DiceV2,
  • Minesweeper,
  • Keno,
  • and Lottery.

Since CryptoGames offers clear guidelines for all the games, even the players with no idea about casino games can easily master the instructions provided in the “How to Play” tab.


The crypto version of Dice is the first game displayed on the list of available games. It is also the first game that appears when players click on the Play Now tab. Dice offers a great winning fidelity that starts from 0.000 to 99.999. There are auto bet features and progressive Jackpots for the game.

To win, players must correctly predict the outcome of the bet for a predetermined bet amount and payout multiplier. If your prediction is correct, you will land a winning roll and even get the chance to look out for the progressive jackpot.  


The spinning European Roulette at CryptoGames has numbered partitions that include only one zero. The game compensates the players according to the American version’s payout table. For a predetermined bet amount, players will have to spin the wheel in every round.

To win, players will have to mix and match different betting strategies for landing on a fruitful slot. There is a modern automatic feature uniquely built for Roulette. The auto feature helps the players to choose their Neighbour bets automatically when they are in confusion. Along with the automatic feature, Roulette also comes with a progressive jackpot.


Slot is one of the most visually attractive games for all beginners at CryptoGames. The game reminds the players of a physical slot machine located in a classic casino. Since the game offers a great winning chance for the players, it can be easily chosen as the most beginner-friendly game on board. 

To win, players must score any one of the 7 winning combinations without following any specific order. This means, that as long as the symbols line up in the middle and form a winning combination, they will win. The combinations are made with 5 symbols for the 5 reels.


Blackjack attracts beginners as a simple card game that can be played with even very less experience. CryptoGames version of Blackjack is perfect for modern gamblers since it guarantees high entertainment for every bet.

To win, players form the best hand possible and try to beat the house dealer without crossing 21 points. Exceeding their hand’s total points of 21 will end the game immediately the player will lose all the bet amount. There are multiple options for building the hands and each one of them is explained in the guidelines provided by the casino.


Plinko is one of the most highlighted games from the 80s. The classic version of the game used to be televised in a game show where it was played on a pegged pyramid. Similar to that, the crypto version of Plinko at CryptoGames comes with a digitally pegged pyramid and it has 4 different colored balls. The house edges for all individual colors are different and they also carry their payout multipliers.

To win, players must drop a colored ball from the top of the pegged pyramid and reach a winning slot located at the bottom of the pyramid. The reward won at the end of a round, will depend on the color picked by the player, the house edge, and the payout multiplier.

Video Poker

At CryptoGames,  Video Poker is the second card game that delivers ultimate gambling experiences to the players. And to make it way more exciting every time, CryptoGames brought Video Poker in three other variants. Bonus Poker, Tens or Better, and Jacks or Better.

To win, players form the best possible hand with 5 cards. Learning about each of the card values helps keep or discard the cards carefully. The game has automatic features along with a highly lucrative Royal Flush. With the help of the automatic feature, Video Poker players can easily keep or discard several cards if confusion arises.


Through  DiceV2, the original Dice is presented in a new version. The new version displays a fully modern outlook for the game where the objective remains close to the original version, Dice. This one also offers the same winning range for all.

To win, players must again, make a correct prediction about the outcome. If the prediction is right, then the dice will roll on the green zone. Otherwise, they will lose the entire bet amount. Depending on the predetermined bet amount, payout multiplier, and win chances, the players will be compensated after each winning roll. The auto bet and jackpot are also available for this version.


Keeping the spirit of computer puzzle games alive through Minesweeper, CryptoGames upped their game set by offering this to its players. Minesweeper is undoubtedly a highly lucrative game that is the best choice for winning easy rewards.

To win, players must turn the tiles without hitting on any mine. This means, that if they can clear the entire 5*5 mine without hitting any mine, then they will take home the maximum reward. Otherwise, they can also take home partial rewards for the number of tiles they have turned without setting off a mine. This instant cash-out option helps them win a good amount of rewards in every bet.


CryptoGames’ modern Lottery is offered to the players for absolutely no house edge. This means, that all drawings of winning lots or lottery tickets reward the players with the entire sum.

To win, players need to simply win against their luck by purchasing the lucky tickets. Each drawing round declares three winners who get to win the profit collected from the sales. Since the lottery tickets can be purchased with only 4 cryptocurrencies, the reward amounts will also vary according to the cryptocurrencies. All the other elements of the game i.e.. The available number of tickets, drawing days, and prize amount will also vary according to the cryptocurrency chosen for the purchase.


This year, CryptoGames brought about another old-school gambler’s favorite game, Keno, into its casino with a well-designed modern version. Although not many know it as a widely popular game, old-school gambling culture knows it as a game that offers an objective, almost like drawing lucky tickets. Players place their preferred bet amount and pick their lucky numbers (up to 10) from a field of 40. Players may pick the numbers using their instincts or the Random field option. The payout table rewards the players for making the winning numbers. All the chosen winning numbers are displayed with the casino’s symbol, and the unpicked ones are represented with an X on the field.

Individual House Edges of the Games:

  •     Dice and DiceV2- 1%  house edge
  •     Slot- 1.97%  house edge
  •     Blackjack- 1.253%  house edge
  •     Lottery- 0% house edge
  •     Roulette – 2.7%  house edge
  •     Minesweeper- 1% house edge
  •     Video Poker – Jacks or Better – 2.11% house edge
  •     Video Poker – Tens or Better- 2.08%  house edge
  •     Video Poker – Bonus Poker- 2.09% house edge
  •     Plinko – Green ball- 1.63%  house edge
  •     Plinko – Red ball – 1.84% house edge
  •     Plinko – Blue ball- 1.52%  house edge
  •     Plinko – Yellow ball- 1.56%  house edge
  •     Keno 1.0%

To help the players get a better and clearer understanding of the games, CryptoGames offers detailed guidelines on every game’s home page. They also provide necessary guidelines on the use of the special features as well as the payout tables. Moreover, the players get to learn more about the strategies used for increasing the winning rates by discussing or following the Blog and Forum.

Privilege to Play for Free:

CryptoGames offers complete flexibility and open architecture for all the new players. When someone completes the base registration, they get free access to all the games except Lottery. However, they will only be eligible to use their cryptocurrencies when they complete the full registration process. The open architecture allows the players to even use the casino’s test currency, the Play Money. With this test currency, all new and existing players will be able to play and explore the strategies the games require for wins. More Play Money can be requested through the Faucet. According to their player levels, players can request Play Money from the faucet.

Jackpots for Three Games

For all winning bets, three games at the casino encourage the players to look out for Jackpots. To win the Jackpots, Players try to form more strategies by polishing up their skills. With high intensity, CryptoGames hosts Jackpots for Dice, DiceV2, and Roulette. For all three games, the rules for winning the jackpots are different. Although Dice and DiceV2 share the same set of rules. According to the rules, if a player’s bet result matches all the requirements and both the bet and win amount are above the minimum amount, then they will be taking home the entire jackpot. The jackpots amounts are given in 1% to 100% amounts based on the winning conditions.

Monthly Events and their Rewards:

CryptoGames tries to keep up its entertainment quality by offering the most interactive events around the website. One of their highly engaging source of entertainment is their monthly betting events. This creative idea engages the gamblers on board in a healthy yet intense competition every month. The players get to show off their skills for winning more rewards and month-long privileges. After a tough competition, winners on the leader board get to enjoy:

  • Amazing drop on Dice’s house edge for an entire month. For the VIP members, Dice’s house edge becomes 0.8%.
  • All bets can be placed with the highest priority. This means, that even if the players are putting out small bet amounts, there are zero server-side delays for an entire month.
  • For all cryptocurrencies, there are higher exchange limits for an entire month.
  • Month-long access to the VIP chatrooms.
  • Top players on the leader board who have secured tier 3 verification (KYC) or higher, get to receive an exclusive Birthday gift worth $100 for Bitcoins.
  • More number of faucet requests will be available for the players.

Make Transactions with Modern Methods:

Fully registered players at the casino get full access to the transaction systems and the privilege of using their cryptocurrencies. On the website, they get to use :

  • Solana,
  • Bitcoin,
  • Ethereum,
  • Bitcoin Cash,
  • Litecoin,
  • DogeCoin,
  • Ethereum Classic,
  • Monero,
  • GAS,
  • and Dash.

At CryptoGames, players can depend on two different kinds of transaction systems fully without any doubt. Both methods offer flawless transactions for all Cryptocurrencies. After many updates and improvements, the casino has added new deposit methods through Credit cards, and exchanges through third-party services. Their Regular Transaction system is also available for all the players who like to use simple systems. For the regular deposits, exchanges, and withdrawals, the player needs to go to the Your Account Tab and then find the individual tabs for the options. Each tab will lead them to their dedicated home pages where they can set up the deposit, withdrawal addresses, and many more. On the other hand, players who are more inclined to use modern methods can rely on Onramper and ChangeNow for making their deposits or converting their cryptocurrencies.


It is a modern transaction system that allows easy Credit Card deposits to the casino. Players can deposit any amount of their fiat currencies using the third-party credit card system. The credit card system is being offered for the users of BTC and ETH cryptocurrencies. For the given cryptocurrencies, players will get to use their fiat currencies to make the deposits. Onramper ensures that the regular transaction system is made broader and more flexible for the new incoming players on the website.


Since many cryptocurrency users rely on other currencies for gaming purposes, CryptoGames offers ChangeNow into the system for them. All users from around the world get to exchange over 40 different cryptocurrencies for any of the coins offered at CryptoGames through ChangeNow. Meaning, that even if any player is using different cryptocurrencies, they can still easily convert the ones they are using to the ones offered at the casino.

Fair Gambling at all Cost:

At CryptoGames, the hosts consider it vitally important to provide a fair and transparent gambling experience to all their players. And to show their commitment to this goal, CryptoGames employ provably fair methods when creating the results on all bets. The provably fair methods offered on the website, are based on three key components.

One, through the ability of all users to verify their results themselves. Players get to use hashing and seeding mechanisms to verify all their results.

Two, through the cooperation with other providers who share the same goals as a part of the Crypto Gambling Foundation and a verified operator within it.

Three, through regular and independent monitoring of all involved methods. The monitoring is performed by outside industry experts.

Play under Safe and Responsible Gambling Policies:

The purpose of CryptoGames is to ensure quality entertainment at all times. However, the casino considers quality and safety over anything else. This is why the casino operates in a regulated way that also ensures a secure environment that encourages the gamblers to play responsibly. While the cases of experiencing any problems are very less, some players may develop an addiction to this type of entertainment. Thus, the CryptoGames prevention policy aims to reduce these negative effects of gambling through many steps and in the meantime, promote responsible gaming for all. To help the players refrain from developing any addiction, CryptoGames laid out the following simple rules for the players:

  •     Setting a gambling limit and NEVER exceeding it!
  •     Stop playing when the time limit set is crossed initially
  •     Do not engage in the games with money that cannot be lost.
  •     Do not engage in gambling with money that is set for other purposes
  •     Reduce the number of hours playing, if the main goal is to stop gambling
  •     Do not play to win back losses
  •     Gambling is never a solution to any problems
  •     Never borrow money from others to gamble
  •     The amount spent on gambling is always a price to pay for the entertainment
  •    Ask for help immediately if you spending too much money or playing too frequently than usual
  •     Do not play when in depression, loneliness, boredom, tension, or anxiety
  • Feel free to reach the casino through an email to inform them of your problems. They will help out at any given time to anyone who reaches out.

Fine Gambling for Both Veterans and Beginners only at CryptoGames:

At CryptoGames a responsible gambling community experience unbiased entertainment in the simplest form every day. Under the same roof, they get to enjoy high-value entertainment and incredibly safe gaming policies that ensure the players’ safety above all. Without any scope for cheating, the casino offers the ultimate fun of crypto gambling to all. Both veterans and beginners can rely on the casino’s transparency and honest policies for their bets without a doubt. Hence for all who want to get into crypto gambling for futuristic entertainment, regardless of experience level, CryptoGames is one of the most trustworthy spaces on the internet right now.

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