CryptoCom awarded license in Spain, to conquer the European market
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CryptoCom awarded license in Spain, to conquer the European market

CryptoCom (CRO), a crypto trading platform with millions of customers worldwide, is granted a license in Spain to provide its virtual asset services. Find out how this breakthrough will strengthen its presence in Europe and attract new users.

At the heart of the ever-evolving cryptocurrency industry, CryptoCom (CRO) marks another milestone in its journey towards global expansion. Like its counterpart Binance in July 2022, CryptoCom has obtained a license in Spain as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP).

With an impressive customer base of 80 million worldwide (compared to Binance’s 120 million), CryptoCom is now authorized to carry out targeted advertising and marketing to the Spanish population, with the aim of attracting new users.

In an official press release, CryptoCom proudly announced its VASP registration with the Bank of Spain. This recognition follows an in-depth assessment of the platform’s compliance with Anti-Money Laundering Directives (AMLD) and other financial crime laws, as well as user protection measures. Thanks to this license, CryptoCom can now offer its full range of products and services to Spanish users.

CryptoCom, conquering the European market!

This development follows in the footsteps of other major players in the sector, who have also obtained crypto licenses in various countries. In particular, CryptoCom has made Paris its European headquarters, demonstrating its commitment to the French market.

Kris Marszalek, CEO of CryptoCom, expressed his satisfaction, saying,

“Receiving VASP registration from the Bank of Spain is further proof of our commitment to compliance and our willingness to collaborate with regulators and public officials to responsibly advance crypto and blockchain technology. We look forward to working closely with the Bank of Spain as we bring our products and services to market, to offer users a complete, safe and secure crypto experience.”

Despite the volatility of the crypto-market, marked by a rise in the price of Bitcoin, CryptoCom continues to expand internationally, putting Europe at the center of its crypto trading strategy.

Last April, CryptoCom also announced a partnership with electronics giant Samsung, aimed at offering a crypto trading application optimized for Galaxy Z Fold smartphones, thus strengthening its presence in the mobile device industry.

CryptoCom (CRO) thus continues its quest to conquer the European market, leveraging its licenses and strategic partnerships to offer an uncompromising crypto trading experience. Keep a close eye on this fast-growing platform, as it continues to position itself as a major player in the world of virtual assets.

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