Crypto Winter 2022 : full coverage

Crypto winter 2022

This special file is an information watch of the crypto winter 2022. But what is a crypto winter, exactly? We talk about crypto winter when the values of cryptocurrencies fall and remain quite low, for a long period of time. The crypto winter is here, all specialists agree. So, stay tuned as Trending Crypto News, through this special report, will be providing full coverage of this event.

Crypto winter 2022

What is a Crypto Winter?

Also, according to Binance, the term crypto winter refers to :

  • First, an extended period of declining or stagnant prices
  • And second, a negative sentiment in the cryptocurrency market.

What are the signs of a Crypto Winter?

Similar to a bear stock market, crypto winter often sees :

  • Before all, projects with inflated value go bust ;
  • Then, companies lay off staff ;
  • Also, venture investments decrease ;
  • Finally, the overall activity across the industry go down. 

Full coverage by Trending Crypto News

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