Crypto media : Blockworks announced it has raised $12 million
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Crypto media : Blockworks announced it has raised $12 million

Blockworks, a U.S. digital media outlet specializing in crypto related news, has announced a $12 million fundraising round led by venture capital firm 10T Holdings.

The media is one of the U.S. brands specializing in the coverage of news related to crypto. Five years after its launch, Blockworks continues to attract the attention of investors. The media outlet offers a daily news site, podcasts, videos, conferences and newsletters that transcribe research.

Today, the brand wants to go further by launching “Blockworks Research“.

Our core belief is that crypto is a brand new asset class. As crypto grows, industry players will need a media and information platform that will provide them with the information they need,” said Jason Yanowitz, the co-founder of Blockworks.

The goal is to create an investment platform that brings together all real-time data, including crypto prices, analytics, research and governance. This platform will be aimed at financial institutions and investors.

Jason Yanowitz, the co-founder of Blockworks

Thus, the media outlet recently announced a $12 million fundraising round, which was completed with the participation of 10T Holdings, as well as the support of Framework Ventures and Santiago Santos.

The deal values the media company at $135 million, according to figures provided by Blockworks.

As a reminder, Blockworks had already raised $100,000 during its first year of activity and now claims to have 175,000 subscribers to its newsletter.

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